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Park Rules

For Your Enjoyment and Safety

The following rules have been established to benefit all of our guests. 

Your cooperation in observing these rules will insure that everyone receives the maximum benefit from our facilities.



 Fishing / Hunting: NO projectile weapons allowed in park. Fishing is permitted for registered guests. (Stay in Compliance of Idaho Fishing Laws)

 Guests / Children: All registered guests are responsible for their own children and visitors. Children must be ac- companied by an adult at all times.

 Pets: The Idaho Dept. of Health prohibits all pets from running free in the park. Quiet pets, under control and on a leash at all times, are welcome. Pets are not to be tied up to any of the parks property or to be left unattended.  They Poop & You Scoop! Please keep your pet on your site, not others. 

 Bathhouse / Laundry: No smoking allowed inside. Dish & utensil washing is prohibited. No laundry or showering after 10:00pm or before 7:00am. Please clean up after yourself. 

 Guests & Visitors: Must comply with all state and federal laws. No Public Drunkenness or Disorderly Conduct.

 Sewer & Drains:  Please DO NOT put wipes, including flushable wipes, feminine products, paper towels, etc. down the toilet.  Also, Grease is a buildup and a potential sewer clog.  Please use a trash can and avoid putting these items down the drains or toilets.  This includes the bathhouse too.

Check-In Time: After 2:00 pm
Check-Out Time: 11:00 am
Parking: One (1) automobile per space. All extra vehicles, boats, trailers, etc. can be stored in our RV Storage area.
Site Cleanliness: Please keep our park clean. No littering or leaving loose items that can blow away in the wind.
RV Skirting: Only SRRV Approved skirting is allowed during the Winter/ Early Spring ONLY. (Oct. – Mar.)
Quiet Time: 10:00pm to 7:00am
Local TV Channels: 2.1 CBS, 6.1 ABC, 7.1 NBC, 9.1 KNIN, 12.1 FOX
WiFi: SRRV Camping Guest
Password: 2083373744

No Washing Cars or RVs No Carpet / Door Matt’s on Grass
Sewer Connections: State Law requires that all connections must be watertight and clamped on both ends.
Absolutely no discharge or sewer or gray water on ground. 

Park is not responsible for any damages, loss by fire, lost or stolen property. Guests of the resort use all facilities at their own risk!
Emergencies Dial 911 
Please conserve all Electricity and Water. Keeping Our Cost Down, Keeps Your Cost Down.
 Failure to comply will be grounds for eviction - without refund. Indiscretions affecting the peace of mind or safety of other persons or their property or potential hazards to park property will also be grounds for immediate eviction.